Swimmin Holes swimming pools are different because they are built better. The quality of our construction methodology and material used is far superior to that used by many pool companies. Our swimming pool construction division is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the east, The team is lead by the owner that has 40 years of experience building all types of pools, water features and water-parks (residential and commercial). We use only the highest quality material available to our industry to build high quality high end swimming pools. 

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Swimmin Holes will work with you during all phases of the project if needed. We will draw the blueprints and help you with the permit, the layout, the excavation, the plumbing, the grading, the re-bar, the Shotcret, the tile, the coping, the water-falls, the grotto, the cave, the automated system, the electric pool cover, the fountain, the chlorine generator, the in-pool bar stools, the poolside bars, the specialty mosaics, the UNDERWATER SPEAKERS, the water level controller, the sun shelf, the loveseat, the deck, the deck jets, and much more. The more you do and or the more you help with the more you save.

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Building pools is easy if you know what your doing, You dont have to work hard if you work smart I started building pools in 1974, Ive figured out the smart way to do it and I am willing to pass that information on to you, SWIMMIN HOLES is the most affordable way to build a high quality high end residential or commercial poolSwimmin Holes doesnt waste our money or yours we even did our own website this helps keep your cost low. Whether it is with your residential or commercial construction project, repair, renovation, or operating systems call Swimmin Holes for all your swimming pool needs.

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Over the forty years I have been building swimming pools I have devised systems and checklists for completing the various phases of pool construction. These checklists along with photos, videos, and expert consultation of the various phases will ensure that your project will go smoothly. 

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Throughout my time in the industry Ive designed and constructed in-ground and above-ground vinyl pools, in-ground and aboveground concrete pools, and structure pools(pools that are in or on top of buildings the highest pool was 19 stories up). Ive been involved with commercial pool complexes that cost more than$1,000,000.00. Ive been involved with the construction of water parks that move more than 6000 gallons of water per second, and a couple of spray-grounds. Now you can take advantage of my years of experience to build the backyard paradise you have always dreamed about.

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The supervised installation program will ensure that you build it the way it should be built. Swimmin Holes can over seeor do any or all phases of your project. Swimmin Holes can do the project in its entirety and still save you moneybefore you call Swimmin holes, gives the idea some thought. Think about the shape of the Swimmin Hole you would like. What is the maximum number of people that would be in the pool at one time? When will you be using the pool (year round, summer only, day time, night time)? When the Swimmin Holes Consultant arrives at your home or office please be able to answer these questions. Do you have public water or a private well; are you connected to public sewage or private septic system? Where is the septic tank and the drain fields or dry wells? Where are the underground utilities located? Is there a high water table? And have a copy of the land plat available. Miss Utility will be called to mark all underground utilities; it will speed up the process if we know in the early planning stages of the project. We can also help you with all your pool renovations needs, residential renovations, commercial renovations, deck renovations, equipment renovations, tile and coping renovations, interior finish renovation, complete renovations. Swimmin Holes can help with part of your renovation or with all of your renovations.

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