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Old fashioned Quality with Modern Technology


 Swimmin Holes swimming pools are different because they are built better. The quality of our construction methodology and material used is far superior to that used by many pool companies. Our swimming pool construction division is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the east, The team is lead by the owner that has over 40 years of experience building all types of pools, water features and water-parks (residential and commercial). We use only the highest quality material available to our industry to build high quality high end swimming pools. 

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Swimmin Holes Has the experience


 Building pools is easy if you know what your doing, You dont have to work hard if you work smart I started building pools in 1974, Ive figured out the smart way to do it and I am willing to pass that information on to you, SWIMMIN HOLES is the most affordable way to build a high quality high end residential or commercial poolSwimmin Holes doesnt waste our money or yours we even did our own website this helps keep your cost low. Whether it is with your residential or commercial construction project, repair, renovation, or operating systems call Swimmin Holes for all your swimming pool needs. 

Live the Dream


 Throughout my time in the industry Ive designed and constructed in-ground and above-ground vinyl pools, in-ground and aboveground concrete pools, and structure pools(pools that are in or on top of buildings the highest pool was 19 stories up). Ive been involved with commercial pool complexes that cost more than$1,000,000.00. Ive been involved with the construction of water parks that move more than 6000 gallons of water per second, and a couple of spray-grounds. Now you can take advantage of my years of experience to build the backyard paradise you have always dreamed about.

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The Bailey,s Pool Project

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The Cable's Pool Project

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Only The Best Material


Let’s get one thing straight, Swimmin Holes can help save you money on a pool, what that means is we can help you get a high end pool at a reduced cost, we cannot build low cost pools, we don’t use any cheap material or pool products we only use the best material obtainable to the swimming pool industry. If your looking for a pool that takes care of itself, what we mean by that is if you want your pool to test it’s own water and electronically make and add chlorine when it needs it, correct the PH when it needs it, add water when it needs it or let water out when it rain a lot, has a robotic cleaner, maybe some waterfalls and/or deck-jets and/or raised beam with sheer descents and/or infinity edge with the giant sun-shelf or even a cave with all of this being remote controlled and will last 50 years without having to be resurfaced and a stamped concrete deck, than we can save you a lot of money.  WE CANNOT HELP YOU GET A CHEAP POOL CHEAPER!!!!!!! Unless you are interested in our supervised installation program, where we make sure you build your own pool the proper way

Swimmin Holes Saves You Money

How It Works

   Swimmin Holes will save you Thousands of dollars by helping you do away with the contractor. The guy that make all the extra money for doing almost nothing, and sometimes nothing expect making one phone call to pass the job on to some one else, but the contractor still gets his pockets full of your hard earned money. Swimmin Holes will help you be your own contractor, even If you don’t want to lift a finger for the entire construction process, Swimmin Holes can help you keep Thousands of your dollars to use for something else, and you will have the pool of your dreams. This is how it works, we figure out what you want, where you want it, and how much it will cost, for free (Up to this point our time is free all this won’t cost you a dime). Than Swimmin Holes will do the paper work for you to get the permit. The paper work to get the permit includes structural drawing approved by a civil engineer, plotting the location of the pool on the land plat(plat provided by homeowner), and layout at the site, filling out all necessary forms, Home-owner to sign as the contractor and Swimmin Holes will deliver them to the appropriate office(s),Homeowner to pick up and pay for permit(s), for a fee, it takes approx 12 hours time to achieve the entire process, our consultant rate of $65.00 per hour multiplied by 12 is $780.00 paid in advance(This is to ensure we get paid for our time, this is the only advance payment you will ever make to Swimmin Holes). Rather than paying a contracted price you can buy the specialty swimming pool material through Swimmin Holes at the low price of 20% above our cost which is less than wholesale, the material is shipped directly from the distributor to your home you don’t pay for the material until the time of delivery. (Attached is Swimmin Holes material cost pricing list of some commonly used items.) All other material to be used for the construction you pay for at cost Swimmin Holes doesn’t a dime on it. After the pool perimeter forms are installed, space allowing, a large excavator will come to your site and dig the hole fast, you will pay the experienced owner/operator directly; or just for the machine rental and we will operate the equipment, Swimmin Holes won’t add anything on to the bill.   Swimmin Holes will be on site overseeing and doing all the hand work. The Shotcret crew is handled the same way Swimmin Holes will let a quality shotcrete or gunite firm that we have been using for years know when to come shoot your pool for you (The majority of the swimming pool installation firms in this country do not have the equipment to install swimming pool shells they sub contract this phase to a specialty contractor), you pay them directly and you get to pay a contractor rate, Swimmin Holes won’t add anything on to the bill, we will be there to oversee the shoot to ensure everything goes the way it should.  When the pool is ready to be plastered Swimmin Holes will let a quality plastering firm know when to plaster your pool for you (The majority of the swimming pool installation firms do not have the equipment to install the final finish of the pool they sub contract this phase to a specialty contractor), you pay them directly, Swimmin Holes won’t add anything on to the bill we will be their to oversee the plastering to ensure everything goes the way it should. One of the other hyperlinks is for a time schedule, that time schedule is a very accurate accounting of the time needed to complete the phases of the construction. If you don’t want to get involved Swimmin Holes will charge you by the hour to build your pool. The hourly rate for a three man crew is $105.00 per hour. The rate for a two man crew is $85.00 per hour. Our hourly rate is collected on a daily basis. When the Shotcret and the plastering are performed the rate is only $65.00 per hour .Swimmin Holes will make a little profit on the specialty material. And we get paid for our time worked. You will save thousands.   My name is Kevin Boylen I have over 40 years of experience I will be the one overseeing / building your pool.   Swimmin Holes will come out to your home for free and work up the total price for the job including many options that you can choose from. We use only the very best material available to the swimming pool industry and we make sure it is installed properly to insure you get years and years of enjoyment and pleasure from your Swimmin Hole. 

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The Supervised Installation program


 The supervised installation program will ensure that you build it the way it should be built. Swimmin Holes can over see or do any or all phases of your project. Swimmin Holes can do the project in its entirety and still save you money, before you call Swimmin holes, gives the idea some thought. Think about the shape of the Swimmin Hole you would like. What is the maximum number of people that would be in the pool at one time? When will you be using the pool (year round, summer only, day time, night time)? When the Swimmin Holes Consultant arrives at your home or office please be able to answer these questions. Do you have public water or a private well; are you connected to public sewage or private septic system? Where is the septic tank and the drain fields or dry wells? Where are the underground utilities located? Is there a high water table? And have a copy of the land plat available. Miss Utility will be called to mark all underground utilities; it will speed up the process if we know in the early planning stages of the project. We can also help you with all your pool renovations needs, residential renovations, commercial renovations, deck renovations, equipment renovations, tile and coping renovations, interior finish renovation, complete renovations. Swimmin Holes can help with part of your renovation or with all of your renovations.

So dont wait call Swimmin Holes today 

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Construction Check List And Time Log

  WWW.SWIMMINHOLES.COM     Construction Checklist and Date Log Worksheet   

Customer Name: ______________________________________________ 


Sub-Division:_____________________ Map Coordinate: ______________ 

Building Permit #:__________Miss Utility#:_________________________ 

Salesperson: ______________ Contract Date: _______________________ 

Job#: ______________Promised Completion Date: ___________________ 

Secure Signed Contract Date _____________________________________  

Apply for Building Permit Date: ____________________________________ 

Secure Building Permit Date: ______________________________________ 

Schedule Material and Delivery Date: ________________________________ 

Miss Utility to Mark Underground Utilities Call in Date: ___________________  

 Mark Date: ____________________________________________________

Schedule Layout of Pool / Deck / Equipment / Accessories / Hauling_________  

Layout Date: __________________________________________________

Schedule Perimeter Forming ______________ Forming Date: ____________  

Schedule Excavation and Hauling ______________ Dig Date ______________

Schedule Plumbing Installation _______________ Plumb Date: ____________

Schedule Plumbing Inspection ________________ Inspection Date: ________

Schedule Rebar Installation __________________ Rebar Date: ____________ 

Schedule System Electrical Date: ____________Electrical install Date: _______ 

Schedule Rebar Bonding __________________  Bonding Date: ____________ 

Schedule Bonding Inspection ______________  Inspection Date: ___________  

Schedule Steel Inspection_________________ Inspection Date: ___________  

Schedule Shotcret Installation ______________ Shoot Date: ______________ 

Pour Pump & Filter pad With Shotcret _________________________________

Schedule Form Removal_____________________ Removal Date: __________

Schedule Backfill & Compacting_______________ Backfill Date: ____________

Schedule Waterproofing for Stone work _______________ WP Date_________

Schedule stone work______________________ Stone Work Date__________

Schedule Pump & Filter Installation_________________ Install Date_________

Schedule Tile & Coping ___________________  Install Date: _____________ 

Schedule Deck forming _____________________Forming Date: __________

Schedule Deck Accs. Installations_________ Accs. Date: _________________

Schedule Deck Bonding _________________ Bonding Date: _____________ 

Schedule Deck Bonding Inspection ____________Inspection Date: ________ 

Schedule Deck Pour ____________________Deck Pour Date____________

Schedule Plaster Prep __________________Prep Date: ________________  

Schedule Plumbing Trim _________________ Trim Date:________________ 

Schedule Plaster/Pebble Tec _____________ Plaster Date: ______________ 

Schedule Water Delivery ________________ Fill Date: ________________ 

Schedule Accessories Installations __________ Install Date: _____________ 

Activate System & Instruct ______________ Activation Date: ___________ 

Balance Water & Instruct _______________ Balance Date: _____________

Clean Pool & Instruct _________________ Clean Date: _______________ 

Turn-Over to Owner _________________ Turn-Over Date: ____________

Other Special Instructions______________________________________


(240) 496-2938  or  (240) 274-5438

Commercial Pool Construction

Commerical Pool Guidelines

Congratulations you have taken the necessary steps in becoming a satisfied commercial pool owner. You are now in the final planning stage of this project. The next step is to apply for the building permit; Swimming Holes Swimming Pool Builder will apply for the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene permit. In order for the proper permit to be obtained the state will need information about this project other than about the pool structure and filtration system? The Swimming Holes commercial pool designer will provide all required information for the pool structure and circulation system.    The owner of the project must provide the following:   (1) Site plan with contours: (2) Building plan: (3) Deck and barrier plan; (4) Ventilation plan; (5) Bathhouse plan; (6) Lighting plan; (7) Portable water supply plumbing diagram; (8) Waste disposal plumbing diagram; (9) Finish schedules; (10) Equipment and material specifications; (11) Waste water disposal site; (12) Chemical storage plan; (13) Any information, including material samples, necessary to determine if the plans and specifications comply with guidelines in the code of Maryland Regulations 10.17.01 (14) All necessary local zoning approval and building, electrical, and other applicable local permits.      The following information will be helpful in planning your project:   Decks must completely surround the pool Decks must have a minimum unobstructed width of 4 feet and an average of 6 feet Decks must slope away from the pool, towards points of disposal, Min. ¼ in per feet, Max. ½ per feet Deck has drainage to deck drains or to other points of disposal Deck surface is slip resistant or nonskid An expansion joint must be placed between the deck and the pool coping and sealed with a durable watertight sealant A brick or a stone deck must have a sub deck in the required deck area Deck does not trap dirt or support or the harbor algae     Barriers must completely surround the pool Barriers must be at least 72 inches above grade measured from the side of the barrier that faces away from the pool The maximum vertical clearance between grade and the bottom of the barrier is 4 inches measured on the side of the barrier that faces away from the pool Except when the entrance gate is open, an opening in the barrier and in the gate does not allow passage of a sphere 4 inches in diameter Fence pickets have a maximum separation of 4 inches The barrier does not have openings or footholds that make it easy to climb Chain link has a maximum mesh size of 2 ¼ inches Lattice fence has maximum mesh size of 1 ¾ inches   The barrier main gate must be located towards the shallow end of the pool Any and all gates launch releases must be located at least 54 inches above grade level Any and all gates must be lockable Any and all gates must be hung to open away from the pool Any and all gates have a minimum width of 4 feet   Ventilation for equipment rooms to sized at 2 cubic feet per minute per square foot of the floor area Ventilation for pool enclosures to be exhausting 1.5 cfm of air per square foot of enclosed area or dehumidifying the recalculated air from the enclosed area Adequate make-up air to replace the air exhausted by the ventilation system     An owner is not required to provide toilet, hand sink and shower facilities at a recreational pool semipublic pool, or public spa when bathers have access to equivalent facilities in: (1) Living quarters not more than 500 feet from a pool or a spa entrance: or (2) A building or building not more than 500 feet from a pool a spa entrance    A bathhouse, toilet, hand sinks, and showers within 100 feet of an entrance gate to the pool in accordance with the American National Standard for Public swimming pools ( ANSI/NSPI- 1991), Articles 17.1-17.8.11   At least minimum number of toilets, hand sinks, and showers based on: (1) The maximum user load of the pool set forth in regulation .19 of the Code of Maryland Regulations 10.17.01 (2) State and local building codes   50% of the required fixtures designated for use by each sex, unless the pool is for one sex only   At least 50% of the required shower located within a bathhouse    Showers must have approved pressure-balanced, anti-scald device that’s limits water temperature to 115 degrees    One water fountain per 5000 square feet of pool surface area Hose bibs at 150 ft. intervals around pool deck   Hose bib in equipment room   All hose bibs must have atmosphere vacuum breakers   911 telephone located in pool area   For night usage: (1) Underwater yield at least 0.5 watts per square foot of water surface, and  Deck lighting yields at least 0.6 watts per square foot of required deck area or at least 15 foot candles of light (2) Overhead lighting yielding at least 2 watts per square foot of required deck area or at least 20 foot-candles of light that is directed onto the deck and the water surface so that the entrance pool bottom is clearly visible (3) Walkway lighting yielding at least 15 foot-candles of light   Chemical Storage Area (1) is protected against the weather, excess heat, and moisture, and (2) A lockable door which can be opened from the inside (3) Ventilation that is sized at cfm per square foot of floor area that can exhaust to the open air, (4) A minimum of 20 foot candles of illuminated (5) Storage for chemicals in accordance with the material safety data sheets for a particular chemical  

The Products We Use


       The following is a list or the product we use in swimming pool construction.     

Cardinal steel wall pools   


Merlin Vinyl Liners 


Master Tile Perimeter and Trim Tile: 


National Pool Tile: 


Marion Brick Coping: 


Pacific Clay Brick Coping: 


Pebble Tec Interior Pool Finishes: 


Diamond Brite Pool Finishes: 


Increte concrete Products: 


Hayward Pumps: 

Tri Star 


North Star 


Super Pump 


Hayward filters: 







Hayward Aqua Rite Chlorine Generators: http://www.haywardnet.com/inground/products/chlorinators/Aqua_Rite_Pro.cfm    

Hayward PH Controller: http://www.haywardnet.com/inground/products/controls/Sense_and_Dispense.cfm   

Hayward AQUA PLUS Automated control system. 

Sub panel, timer, and relays. 


Hayward AquaConnect

 Hayward AquaConnect gives you three ways to manage every essential pool, spa and backyard function. Simply choose the AquaConnect system that fits your individual needs. AquaConnect Web allows you to manage your pool via the Internet from anywhere.

http://www.hayward-pool.com/prd/In-Ground-Pool-Premium-Automation-AquaConnect-_10201_10551_35001_-1_17015_14007_.htm  http://www.hayward-pool.com/pdf/manuals/AquaConnectInstallationmanual.pdf   

Remote Control Hayward Aqua pod for Aqua Plus. 

Wireless remote which allows you to control system remotely from poolside or the house: 


Hayward Heat Pumps: 


Hayward Skimmers: 


Hayward Main Drains: 


Hayward Fittings: 



Hayward owners manual All Products: 


 Pentair products lighting: 


Pentair Water Features: 


Polaris Cleaning Systems: 


Pool Valet in Floor Pool Cleaning Systems: 


Stegmeier Cantilever Deck Forms:   


Stegmeier Frontier Drain: 


Quaker Expansion Joint: 


Quaker Deck Drains: 


S.R. Smith Slides & Dives: 


S.R. Smith Pool Games; 


Taylor Test Kits:  


Taylor 2005 tests Kit Instructions: 


Intermatic time clock switches: 


Astral Pool Products: Valves 


TVI Valv es: 


Praher Valves: 


Lasco Plumbing Fittings: 


Badu Jet (for swimming in place) 


Charlotte Pipe SCH 40 PVC 


Loop Loc Safety Covers: 


 Meyco Safety Covers: 


Cover Star Electric & Hydraulic Covers: 


The Building Blocks for Outdoor Living Spaces 

Unilock pavers and wall systems   


Gas grills 


Integral Lighting systems  


Blaze Grills 


Baldwin Pergolas 


Stone forest garden features 


Allison armor water features 


Tempest torch outdoor gas lighting 


Monrovia World renowned plants 


Kevin R Boylen

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